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For example, let a primary study want to investigate the effects of organizational factors on job satisfaction of employees.

His academic interests include issues related to economics of climate change, regulation and contemporary trade theories.

He has a keen interest in current affairs and likes to read and travel in his spare time.

When I worked on my Ph D thesis in pharmacology years back when in Germany, I had first panic attack as I first learned how to kill rats for my experiments with a very ugly tool called a guillotine!

After that part of the procedure, I was to remove and mash their livers, spike them with Ciclosporin A (an immunosuppressive agent), and then present the metabolites by high-pressure liquid chromatography.

The alternative hypothesis reflects this prediction. The null hypothesis is framed in such a way that can be refuted to confirm the alternative hypothesis.

Consider the example of organizational factors and job satisfaction mentioned above.In other words, it is a tentative prediction about the outcome of a study that can be tested by research.It is developed before the data is collected based on the existing body of knowledge in a particular area of study.The hypothesis, in this case, will be framed to measure the effect of GDP and CAD on the fiscal deficit.Furthermore, if the research predicts that there is a significant relationship between counselling and student performance.However, before testing, it is important to frame the hypotheses properly. It depends on the research approach, research type, and research method.Framing a hypothesis is essential in cases: Descriptive research is the one which aims to collect information and analyze it statistically to draw conclusions.Data is then collected, analyzed, and used to support or negate the hypothesis, arriving at a definite conclusion at the end of the research.Thus basically, you make a prediction about the outcome at the start of the study and conduct experiments to test whether this prediction is true and to what extent.Many rats later, I had another serious panic attack.It occurred at the moment my doctoral adviser told me to write my first research paper on the Ciclosporin A metabolites I had detected in hundreds of slimy mashes of rat liver.


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