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This can be seen in levels of representation in all of our institutions, both in terms of under representation of non-white people in positions of power and influence, and in the over representation of non-white people in prisons, in poverty, in unemployment and in all of the areas that - in an Indigenous context - create the 'gap' that we are forever trying to close.Because so few people acknowledge the existence of white privilege, and because it can feel like such an overwhelming awakening to finally see it, many people feel that the work is done simply by acknowledging it.A school teacher named Jane Elliott was living and working in segregated 1960s America where black citizens' civil rights were perpetually denied.

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He used words that are complex, but rather inspiring , to try to describe his understanding of ...

White privilege doesn't mean that you are born into money, that's Being born white means that you were born into a system that validates and reaffirms that you are socially included - and being socially included, is a very valuable privilege.

And lastly, unlike class, a person cannot hide their race.

Read More Tim Wise made a speech on white privilege, white denial, and the cost of inequality.

Basically he focused on the nature of white privilege and how it came to be that way.


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