Why Are Parents So Strict Thesis Statement

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Our parents never let us play more than the time allotted for fun time, but still being strict they let us play whether for a short time.

This made me think that they just don't cared about our studies but also about our physical state of mind and body.

All parents have different views on how they should raise their children and different parenting methods.

While having children may be "doing what comes naturally", being a good parent is much Parenting is like taking on a jobof its own, it's a job like no other where u have to offer everything from silly giggles and heart-warming smiles to harsh attitudes and angry tears.

As a child, I always wondered why there are different kind of parents.

Every parent has a different kind of attitude towards their children.

But Today, I value that scolding and think if that day my parents wouldn't have done so I would never realized that its always good to have strict parents because it plays a vital role in improving child's view point from the early stage of life.

My parents were always very strict about my education.

They become confused and have a difficult time trusting people as they grow up into adulthood.

A parent should always think of the child in situations such as this, because sitting down and discussing the why's and how's of the situation can help heal little broken hearts.


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