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“Two of my favorite experiences were the golf lessons hosted by the Women’s Leadership Association and the spring break ‘trek’ where we visited different companies in the Bay Area,” she says. “The immersion that an on-campus MBA provides was a great experience for me,” he says.“I don’t believe an online program can replicate that sense of community.” Rod Mercado got his on-campus MBA in marketing and MS in information management from W. While it was early days for online programs in 2001, he was still aware of the option and took it into consideration, before ultimately deciding that an immersive, on-campus commitment was right for him.

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He had virtual teammates in Korea, California, Arizona, New York, and Georgia.

This forced his team to get serious about their scheduling and delegation of duties, connecting via Skype across continents and time zones. Carey’s professors held virtual office hours, where students could log in and speak face-to-face with them (albeit through a screen), and Ryan regularly made use of this, working through the course material with them and developing relationships that stretched beyond the virtual classroom and into real life.

“I feel that this is a more realistic reflection of the virtual teams of today’s large distributed companies,” Ryan says. “Don’t worry about networking and in-person meetings,” Ryan says, when asked his advice to other online MBA students.

Ryan considers the cons of the online program to be the limited exposure to guest lecturers and presenters in the classroom, in addition to fewer in-person networking opportunities.

“On a professional level, I gained a much broader network, but I also built relationships that extend much deeper.” Simone’s advice for MBA students is to get involved outside of the classroom.

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Especially at on-campus MBA programs, there are a plethora of ways to build connections and develop skills away from the desk.

Online programs allow full-time students to access geographically distant programs that might be a better fit than something more proximal. ASU is the most innovative school in the nation, according to US News & World Report, and W. Carey’s online MBA is repeatedly placed in the top ten across a wide variety of publications. Carey in 2018, with a focus in marketing and analytics. Carey] comprised students from many different backgrounds with such diverse talents,” Helton says.

On-campus programs offer part-time options that allow a student to maintain their work and family commitments. Their full-time and part-time on-campus MBA programs are ranked in the top 25. Carey alumni from two points of view: on-campus and online. “I wanted a career change,” she says, “so committing to the full-time on-campus MBA allowed me the time and resources to really dive deep into the subjects that interested me the most.” Simone is currently working as the director of corporate initiatives for Offerpad, a platform for home sellers—a serious pivot from her previous role as a mobile deployment supervisor for Mesa Public Schools. “I was so impressed with my classmates and their achievements.

“The pro of the on-campus MBA is that the degree becomes your job,” Rod says.

“You are focused on it 100 percent and so are your classmates and teammates.


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