Write A Process Essay On Learning A Foreign Language

Students learn how to ask questions, how to negotiate meaning and how to interact in and work within groups.

Within this group work, they are able to observe different approaches to problem-solving as well as to learn how others think and make decisions.

In task-based teaching the focus is not on grammar—you have already introduced your students to necessary constructions earlier in the chapter or unit, as well as to the vocabulary they will need to complete the task—but rather on helping students develop linguistic strategies for completing the assigned tasks within the constraints of what they know of the target language.

Because the emphasis is on spontaneous, creative language use, whether spoken or written, rather than on absolute accuracy, assessment is based on task outcome.

Guided oral practice lacks communicative intent and creative use of the language.

What you want is to improve your communication skills in a foreign language.

The way a communicative task is structured has a great deal to do with its ultimate success in the classroom and the improvement of communication skills in a foreign language.

When considering how to structure a task, designers should ask themselves these four questions: Now the difference between guided practice and communication is clear: it’s the difference between apparent communication and real communication.

In general, the goal of guided practice activities is to improve accuracy, whereas the goal of communicative activities is to improve fluency.

While guided practice activities have their place in beginning foreign language teaching, they are no replacement for actual communication.


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