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I wanted to answer the question of whether modern text analysis could shed any high-level insights on these impactful pieces.First things first — getting the text of the 85 Federalist Papers downloaded.

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New York was a battalion of anti-Federalists who were bent on not ratifying the Constitution.

Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers, with James Madison, to provide a breakdown of the Constitution and why it would protect people's rights.

In one of the songs, Non-Stop, Aaron Burr’s character lets rip this memorable line regarding the writing of the Federalist Papers:“John Jay got sick after writing five. Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one.”It’s an exhilarating line, and it inspired me to take a look at the Federalist Papers to see what kind of legacy these political giants left behind for Americans as this country exits its 240th anniversary.

These were the papers that tipped the political balance in favor of ratifying the Constitution, that built the bedrock of the democracy that we cherish today.

The fedralist papers swayed many people to the fedralist cause, this is due to the excellent writing done by the cogent and superflous authors.

Among these were not: George Cloony Donald Trump Kim Kardashian Sara Palin Flava Flav Mike Tyson Mike de Grass Tyson Saddam Hussein Osama Bin Laden Steve Jobs The Rock Slyvester Stylone John Lenon Ringo Star Paul Mc Cartney Adolf Hitler Alfresco Scott Hampton P.The Federalist Papers concern the interpretation of the American Constitution and the intent of the framers of the Constitution.Hamilton wrote his 51 essays of the Federalist Papers, and devised the idea, because he was becoming increasingly worried over the fate of the new Constitution.Other people undoubtedly wrote letters and essays supporting ratification of the Constitution, but their work does not appear in the Federalist Papers.There were also a number of men who wrote about the weaknesses of the Constitution and urged the States to reject it.Lawrence the Chivalrous Salvador Domènec Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol Joseph Stalin Winston Churchill Gorbechev Kruschev FDR LBJ JFK BFK MLK Theadore Roosevelt Ulysseus S. Pistone Raphael Raoul Duke William Blake Ichabod Crane Spencer Armacost Dean Corso Roux Lt.Grant Thor Freya Loki Odysseus Calypso Captain Jack Sparrow Black Beard Jimmy the Kid The Don Albus Dumbledore Voldemort Edward Scissor Hands Rango The Mad Hatter Willie Wonka Glen Lantz Jack Marshall Specialist Gator Lerner Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker Gilbert Grape Sam Axel Blackmar Edward D. Victor Bon Bon Fredrick Abberline Cesar George Jung Sheldon Sands L'inconnu J. Barrie Mort Rainey John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester Victor Van Dort Sweeny Todd John Dillinger Frank Tupelo Tony Alexander Pearce Paul Kemp Barnabas Collins Tonto Johnny Depp Bob Barker Drew Carry William Adama Jim Carry Rebbaca Black Michal Jackson The rest of the Jackson Five Lady Gaga Ke$ha Justin Bieber he dead Jason Swango Robert Olesen Kyle Sprague Dylan Wright Kyle Wilson and the rest of the Freedom Brigade The Federalist Papers is America's contribution to literature on constitutional democracy and federalism.Some of their writing corresponds directly to topics in…You might’ve heard of that play, Hamilton, that’s been sweeping the Broadway circuit and reviving national interest in the “Ten dollar Founding Father without a father”.The Federalists wanted a strong Federal government and the Anti-Federalist wanted strong State governments.Some of the Federalist Papers were written as a direct rebuttal of… The main purpose of the Federalist Papers was to explain what the Constitution meant and to fight the Anti-Federalists propaganda.


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