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I found that my participants expressed discomfort with narratives of womanhood associated with menarche, had trouble navigating binary spaces where menstruation was salient like restrooms and sex education classes, and were able to express ambivalent and positive attitudes towards menstruation.I discuss the implications of these findings for understanding how societal narratives and structures shape individuals’ gendered identities and how trans people specifically experience this.Aim: The aim of the study was to describe practices that support collaboration in interprofessional primary health care teams, and identify performance indicators perceived to measure the impact of this collaboration from the perspective...

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The course will be a mixture of interactive lecture and workshop formats.

By the end of the course participants should be able to: The course is suitable for people who have already completed or are well underway with their qualitative data collection and analysis.

You cannot be on the waiting list for both courses or hold a place on one and be on the waiting list for the other.

When the 'A' course has passed, remaining applicants will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the 'B' course if there are any remaining spaces at that time or be added to the waiting list if not.

Qualitative analytic strategies were applied to each question.

Findings: A total of 283 primary health care providers from 14 health professions working in interprofessional primary health care teams participated.The course provides the practical tools and knowledge needed to write up qualitative research studies for publication.The focus will be on writing for publication in clinical journals, but many of the topics discussed will apply equally to writing qualitative research for any type of journal.Background: Despite the surge of interprofessional primary health care models implemented across Canada, there is little evidence as to whether or not the intended outcomes of primary health care teams have been achieved.Part of the challenge is determining the most appropriate measures that can demonstrate the value of collaborative care.Do extraordinary events alter the practice of gaining visibility performed in ordinary times, and if so, how? Data comprise 45 qualitative interviews conducted with some of the main Greek, Italian and Spanish grassroots organisations that are engaged in two contentious issues: political corruption and temporary employment.By using a new method for data collection, namely «media in practices maps interviews», my findings denote that: i) Southern European activists make use of an assorted array of media-related devices, services and actions; ii) it is precisely during ordinary times that political actors learn how to conceive and perform the practice of gaining visibility, thus understanding how to put it in practice during extraordinary events; iii) activists of Southern European countries are reacting differently to digital media innovations.more This thesis explores menstruation as a gendered, embodied act looking specifically at transgender people who menstruate.Though scholars have studied women’s experiences of menstruation as gendered, little has been written on the experiences of transgender people who menstruate and the attitudes they have toward menstruation.Six questions guided the workshop groups and participant responses were documented on worksheets and flip charts.All responses were collected and entered verbatim into a word document.


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