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The political landscape of the United States is dominated by two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans.

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The Democrats adopted the donkey as their symbol due to Andrew Jackson who was publicly nicknamed “jackass” because of his popular position of “let the people rule”.

The Democratic National Committee was officially created in 1848.

They also favor trade restrictions to protect American jobs while Republicans favor free trade in order to keep costs low for consumers and make businesses more profitable so they can grow.

Democrats generally prefer a lot of government regulation and oversight of the health care system, including the passage of the Affordable Care Act, because it makes the health care system accessible to everyone.

Each party has had differing stances in relation to foreign policy over the years depending on the situation.

Generally speaking, when military involvement may be required, the Democrats favor more targeted strikes and limited use of manpower while Republicans favor a full military effort to displace regimes that are totalitarian and detrimental to their own people and who are threatening others.

They believe more tax dollars should be funneled into these programs.

Republicans acknowledge a need for these social programs, but favor less funding and tighter control.

They tend to oppose gay marriage and promote marriage being between a man and a woman.

They also oppose abortion and promote the right of gun ownership.


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